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How it Works

Understand the mechanics behind Raid Response.

1. You sound the alarm

Let us know something's up by running the r.alarm command. It may take a couple of minutes for someone to arrive.

2. We'll come and assist

The bot will give one of our trusted Response team members admin permissions in your server and migitate the raid.

3. Back to normality

Once the raid is solved and fully migitated, our Response team will leave your server knowing everything is okay. You can always sound the alarm again if things are going to go south.

Staff On Sight

When you sound the alarm with Raid Response, your server is being sent to our Response Team to stop the raid.

Proven to be Effective

Raid Response is proven to be effective. Why is that? Well, that's because it's operated by humans. Machines & AI aren't 100% accurate in making decisions during critical moments, so it's important that the raid is handled by dedicated staff experienced in mitigating these attacks.

Feel the need for speed?

Upgrade to Raid Response Premium and receive enhanced perks for your server, including:

  • Access to beta commands
  • Suspicious user detection
  • Increased limit of 20 trusted users
  • Premium support access
  • and more...
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Frequently Asked Questions

You have the questions, we have the answers

Who operates/owns Raid Response?

Raid Response is operated by Advertise Your Server, the biggest Discord advertising server (50,000 and counting) on the entire platform. The network has over 3 years of experience in the Discord industry and operates other bots and services alongside Raid Response.

Why does Raid Response require so many permissions?

When a raid occurs, the circumstances may vary: from selfbots spamming your channels to outright channel deletion by an abusive bot, it's important to get the permissions right in that event so our Response Team can assist appropriately.

Can the alarm be sounded automatically?

Unfortunately not. You can though assign other users/roles that you trust permission to sound the alarm in the event of a raid.

I need help! Is there a support server?

We do have a support server but it is not dedicated for RR support. Before you ask, check out the Documentation to see if you can solve your problem there.

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